Rocky Point camping trip


The last week of March there were 16 RVs who traveled to Rocky Point Campground on Wright-Patman Lake. Some left as early as Friday, the 22nd and the last arrived on Thursday the 28th.  There were 31 folks from Bass Lake as well as two RVing visitors who joined us. The weather early was very windy and quite cool but as the days past the weather improved to a point where things were quite nice.

Activities were spontaneous with little organization with groups gathering for just about any and every reason. Some went to town for dinner, some cooked out, and others went off to see the sights around the lake. For most of us this was our first outing of the new year.

Evenings brought spectacular sunsets and evening campfires. There were times for visiting and times for long walks and fresh air. Even the pets seemed to enjoy the trip and comradeship of the days at the park. Spring is starting to show and flowers have begun to make an appearance.

Rain chased all of us home on Saturday but there is little doubt that the event was a complete success!