A Tour of BLCRC

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As you arrive at our community, the first thing that you will see is the SOWER office on the right. They are not a part of our community, but our entry is just past their parking area & office.

As you continue past the parking area you will see our sign, Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community and our mail boxes, followed by Taylor Way, the street into our community. If you are looking for a gated entry or an office, you will not find one as we have neither. We live in a  rural setting off of the beaten path, where friendly greetings are the norm and everyone knows all who live here. You will probably not travel far on your driving tour of the neighborhood before someone stops you to offer assistance, a subtle way of also learning who you are and why you are visiting.  Come on in, as we are friendly and someone will be happy to show you around if you are interested in becoming a part of the community or supply directions if visiting one of our residents.


Turning into Taylor Way, our entry street, you leave the public roads as all property is owned and maintained by the owners of homes and lots here.           We also have a speed limit of 10 mph which we hope that you will kindly remember to observe.


Welcome to our community. 
Let me show you around a bit.


Driving through our community, visitors are most surprised by the wide variety of homes found here.  We are a small community with only 67 lots owned by 54 owners. We own our own sewer system and have central water systems for both city water and well water. We also have access to a small fishing lake and to an area set aside for those who enjoy the shooting sports.

riginally an RV community in transition from life on the road to a more part-time style of travel, the community has now also attracted many retirees who have RV's and who are interested in modern downsized housing.  Of interest are the rather high percentage of wooden apartment homes constructed under steel canopy/carport structures, including room for RV storage.


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