A Tour of BLCRC

As you arrive at our community, the first thing that you will see is the SOWER office on the right. They are not a part of our community, but our entry is just past their parking area & office.

As you continue past the parking area you will see our sign Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community and our mail boxes, followed by Taylor Way, the street into our community. If you are looking for a gated entry or an office, you will not find one as we have neither. We live in a  rural setting off of the beaten path, where friendly greetings are the norm and everyone knows all who live here. You will probably not travel far on your driving tour of the neighborhood before someone stops you to offer assistance, a subtle way of also learning who you are and why you are visiting.  Come on in, as we are friendly and someone will be happy to show you around if you are interested in becoming a part of the community or supply directions if visiting one of our residents.


Turning into Taylor Way, our entry street, you leave the public roads as all property is owned and maintained by the owners of homes and lots here.            We also have a speed limit of 10 mph which we hope that you will kindly remember to observe.


Welcome to our community. 
Let me show you around a bit.

Driving through our community, visitors are most surprised by the wide variety of homes found here.  While there are those who live in an RV, most of us have added a cover and some additional room for use when not traveling about. The vast majority of residents here have been or still are full-time RVers.  We are a community in transition from life on the roads to a more part-time style of travel.

As this community started as an RV community, most of the homes here were originally built in stages, beginning with a simple RV pad, then perhaps a cover & some storage and slowly over time, a permanent home. More recently, however, A popular choice of home and RV port is a steel building with RV port and an apartment , all inside under a single roof.


Many of the owners contracted to have the metal building constructed and then parked the RV inside while they then built their home inside. In our community it is very easy to find people who are willing to help and even to teach the owner needed skills to complete the new home. There have been a few that were contractor built, and a few have changed owners after completion and are now  occupied by the second owner.

You will discover that there is a very wide variety of types of home in our community. We do have restrictions on the type of home allowed here, but the purpose is not to limit ideas, but only to keep the neighborhood attractive.

In this tour I will try to show a good selection of the different types of homes that we have. I believe that is probably the most unique feature of this community. We are fortunate to have a very diverse collection of construction skills among our membership and it is reflected in the variety of construction methods and designs. Steel is popular due to the low maintenance required but there are homes that use most common construction materials and techniques. Help is always close by.



At the present time we have a new recreation hall.  This building is a community effort with all interior construction work being done by residents and friends of our community on a volunteer basis. We completed all phases of our facility in fall of 2013.

There are still a few lots which have not yet been developed, a few of which are available for purchase. These lots are individually owned so if interested contact that owner. Click on "Lots for Sale" on the index page. We are a small community with only 67 lots owned by 54 owners. We own our own sewer system and have central water systems for both city water and well water. We also have access to a small fishing lake and to an area set aside for those who enjoy the shooting sports.

Close by is Garden Valley Golf Course less than a mile distant and a second one is just a few minutes travel from us. In Tyler, just 15 - 20 miles away there are excellent medical facilities and we are only 8 miles from a Super Walmart, a Lowe's, Brookshire's and several eating establishments. We are located on a paved county road, and are two miles from a major interstate highway. Located in scenic east Texas, we are quite rural with very little traffic. Much of the traffic inside the community is golf carts and bicycles.

Our weather is mild with some winter weather below freezing and about a dozen summer days of 100° + temperatures. Social activities abound here, both organized and spontaneously. We have monthly, planned gatherings for couples, weekly ladies' craft meetings, spontaneous men's coffee most afternoons, monthly birthday parties, outings to restaurants, and occasional trips and tours. Growing in popularity are periodic RV outings and short trips.  Like so many RV communities, most of them involve eating!

It is a practice here to lookout for each other and evenings walks and visits are frequent in nice weather. Most home repair or construction projects quickly become social events with neighbors arriving with tools very quickly. One resident remarked, "There must be something good about a place where doing a project without help is more difficult than finding help when you need it."

We believe that as a Christian community, we are our neighbor's keeper. We try to be available to aid others in need at any time, for any reason, and with any need.


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