Instructions for using Community Calendar

Wherever you see the BLCRC logo, click on it.

The first time, this will bring you to the Google Calendar sign up page. You may click (control+click)von this logo to start.

Enter as user email, and Jeremiah29@11 as password (yes, there is a @ in the password).

Click also keep signed in.

That's it. You will not need to sign in again. Just click on the logo.


THROUGH GOOGLE (PC or Android phone or tablet, see below for iPhone, iPad or Mac)
Alternately, go to your Google page on any browser. Locate the  on the top right. Click on it and you will get:

      Select Calendar to get    

Type in , click next and get the following where you can type in the password Jeremiah29@11

After signing in, the calendar will appear.  No more signing in. Then you can always get it directly from the or download the Google Mail app from the App store.


iPhone, iPad and Mac

Go to Settings, scroll down to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under Accounts, select Add Account, then select Other on the bottom of the Add Account

page.  Scroll down to Calendars and select Add CalDAV Account. When the Pop-up appears, type in the following:

User Name: txblcrc
Password: Jeremiah29@11
Description: BLCRC Calendar